Future Project Managers – already defined


In demand and in vogue – Project Manager jobs attract more and more attention. Is that because of a lucrative career path ? Or maybe because of the opportunity to rule and dominate? We can speculate… But one thing is sure – this profession requires not only the candidate’s willingness but also some quite special character traits. […]

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Our CeBIT Impressions


We are back from is the world’s largest and most international computer expo. As an exhibitor at CeBIT fair 2014 during five days we’ve been showing the world our new Application for Project Management Online – FoxyTasks! Let’s say a couple words about that event. 1. It’s just huge! I mean really immense area where […]

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FoxyTasks: Promo Movie – check it out!


How to present all features, all possibilities and all advantages of our great project management software at once? Is that even possible? Well… We believe that we made it! Today we want to show You a great piece of work – Our Foxytasks promo movie! Daniel, a cartoon Project Manager, has to accomplish a project for an […]

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The 4 most annoying Project Managers’ behaviors

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From the perspective of project member, there are some particularly annoying types of PM’s behavior. It’s hard to say whether this is due to the character traits which distinguish people performing this profession, or whether is due to the specific nature of their work. One thing is sure – certain methods of treatment and Project […]

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Say Hello to FoxyTasks Project Management


Today We Are Introducing You to FoxyTasks HAPPY, very PROUD and sooo EXCITED !!! The newest application created for Project Management Online, which will soon see the light of day! Innovative and awaited project management software introduces a new quality of cooperation within the framework of the project! Imagine an application that overcomes the barriers […]

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The Most irritating behaviors of Project Team Members #1


Yes, I know, it’s not politically correct for PM to talk about that. BUT I think it’s good to know the other side’s point of view, since there is a wide range of truly annoying behaviours and habits that concern Project Team Members. “I just do my duties“: Ignoring the Consumer of The Task The task […]

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Ogłoszenie wyników konkursu


Czas najwyższy na ogłoszenie wyników konkursu przedpremierowego aplikacji OffiServ FlexiProjects Dziękujemy wam za wszystkie zgłoszenia! Spośród wszystkich prawidłowych zgłoszeń konkursowych, biorąc pod uwagę wartość merytoryczną, ale też szczerość i sporą dozę kreatywności w udzielonej odpowiedzi wyłoniliśmy 5 osób, które otrzymają zestaw nagród! A oto i nasi zwycięzcy: – Jan Słowiński – Małgorzata Kusyk – Maciej […]

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